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Jerry Lundquist, did you buy Hinckley Yachts and Hunt Yachts with blood money ?

LinkedIn self-description“extensive experience across all segments of the aerospace and defense industry, including weapons platforms, military and space systems”

So just asking Jerry Lundquist ? Is mass murder your thing ? or are you blood washing your profits quietly by destroying an American legend. 

Jerry Lundquist has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry and has held one of the most prestigious positions in one of the top consulting agencies in the world, McKinsey & Co. Despite his expertise, we cannot ignore the fact that he may have aided authoritarian regimes in committing war crimes and human rights violations


The current state of the company under the ownership of Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC) is marked by dangerous safety concerns and a focus on profits over quality.  It is time for the owners to sell the company and allow a new owner to respect and restore the heritage of this once-great company.

Did 760,000 American drug overdose deaths pay for Hinckley and Hunt Yachts ?

Consider the case of Jerry Lundquist, a former senior partner at McKinsey & Co. for 40 years and a major owner of Hinckley Yacht and Hunt yacht companies. We have a moral duty to seek justice for those who have been wronged.

A simple boycott of Hinckley Yacht and Hunt Yacht would send a powerful message. Let’s hold Jerry Lundquist and McKinsey accountable for enabling authoritarian regimes to commit war crimes and human rights violations, sending a strong message that companies and consultants cannot aid such regimes without facing consequences.

McKinsey’s settlement for nearly $600 million over its role in the opioid crisis, because McKinsey helped “turbocharge” opioid sales. Jerry Lundquist moral and professional failings “.. one of the most tenured Senior Partners at McKinsey” failed to stop 760, 000 deaths.

Hiring Geoffrey Berger from Rhino propane gas and Piper planes to run Hinckley yachts is a ludicrous and misguided idea that reeks of incompetence and ignorance. Some would say outright and complete stupidity. The fact that someone would even consider such a move demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the fundamental differences between designing and manufacturing aircraft versus yachts. If the owners are blood washing ill gotten gains, perhaps they just do not care.

Planes and boats are two completely different beasts, with vastly different design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. Aircraft are designed to fly through the air at high speeds, while yachts are designed to traverse the water with grace and stability. The skills and knowledge required to excel in one industry do not automatically translate to success in the other.

By bringing in a pompous senior executive who describes himself as “transformative‘ from Piper planes to run Hinckley yachts, the company is setting itself up for failure.

Geoffrey Berger failed at Piper Aircraft.  After all the important senior management level down to vice president fled from Piper, Geoffrey was found not up to the task.  The permanent senior job was given to someone more competent.  The lack the expertise and understanding of the nuances of the yacht industry. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it just doesn’t work. Transformative is supposed to be an improvement.

There are 53 ways to die on a Hinckley.

Need legal help ? 

Are you a mass murderer, Russian lackey or a drug dealer responsible for hundreds of thousands deaths and need legal help? 

Need help running a den of deceit and dishonesty, preying on unsuspecting clients with false credentials and fraudulent practices, like Hinckley Yachts.  Look no farther for someone to protect mass murdererspathological liarsthievessex workers and grifters. 

Michael Daly  at Pierce Atwood

Meaghan Burton at Pascal Stevens